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It's really nice to be back in Troy for the week- catching up with old friends, watching the entirety of How I Met Your Mother, doing necessary things like laundering my entire wardrobe and cleaning out my iTunes.

I'm heading to Cleveland (the Land of Cleves!) on Friday. I've actually never been, so I'm pretty excited. How does a girl live in Ohio her entire life and never go to Cleveland? It's going to be great. I'm staying with Brian at Case, and we're going to go to an art museum and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and to see Star Trek with two of our friends from Denison (including Eddie the Mad Australian, one of my favorites of the random cast of entertaining characters I've assembled around me at school).

And, I'm moving into my apartment on (probably) Monday. It'll be the first time I've ever had a proper apartment which actually requires cooking for myself and cleaning my own bathroom and such. I'm really looking foward to it. I'm on campus, but it's down the hill in the village of Granville, and it's going to be a lovely and quiet summer.

Well. Time to go lie outside with a book and my iPod, I think. Oh summer.
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