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Um um uuuum. Let's see. The Franz Ferdinand concert last night was intense. I've seen a lot of shows in the last six years or so, but this was easily top five. New!bf and I spent most of it screaming like idiots and sweating all over the place and making *___* faces at each other, it was basically the perfect Saturday night. Alas, our plans to kidnap Alex Kapranos for a wild sexy threesome fell through, just like our plans last week for Neko, but what can you do.

Other than that, it's just been finals finals FINALLLLS until I want to scoop my eyeballs out with a melonballer. So many papers, so many tests. Origins of Europe on Wednesday (the last time I will be taught by Hot Davis, as he's going on sabbatical next year ;_;), Spanish and poli-sci on Friday (I think?), and work at the library in my downtime.

I lost my wallet last Friday and I haven't found it yet. I'm just pretending it didn't happen, I think. All my IDs, my debit card, my insurance information...I can't deal with this during finals, I just can't /o\.

All in all, life is good but busy! Both looking forward to summer and nervous about it- my friend and I scored a really, really amazing apartment here on campus. But I'm kind of dreading the moment my employer discovers I know nothing about technology.
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